Activation issues

Activation should only take around 10 minutes, but there are a handful of reasons your phone activation could run into trouble. In order to activate your CREDO Mobile service smoothly and properly, we recommend a few key things:

  • Keep your phone off until prompted to to turn it on during the activation process
  • If you are porting, have the packaging your device arrived in and your billing zip code, the order number and phone number 
  • Activate any new device as soon as you receive it in the mail

If you’ve activated your smartphone and would like to test whether or not the activation was successful, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn your phone off, and back on
  2. Once your phone is back on, call 888-281-2461
  3. You should hear a short recorded message that indicates that your phone is properly connected

If you have a feature or flip phone, you may re-start the activation process by:

  1. Dialing #228 to launch the activation process
  2. Once you have completed the process again, call 888-281-2461 to test that your phone is properly activated

If your smartphone or feature device doesn’t work properly after the initial activation, turn it off and back on again. Repeat the activation steps up to three times if necessary.

If you continue to run into activation issues, please contact us directly for additional support.