Add A Line

You can add up to four additional members to your CREDO Mobile account: friends, family, children, or whomever you choose! Every line you add is another voice helping power the progressive movement.

Additional lines are easy to attach to your current account. Additional lines are easy to add to your current account.  Please keep in mind that if you're currently the only member on your plan, you will be switched to a shared plan that will allow multiple lines. Each CREDO Mobile account has a limit of 5 lines per account.

CREDO offers several Add-A-Line (AAL) options:

  • Add-A-Line- DPP or No Contract
  • Add-A-Line- Customer Provided Equipment
  • Add-A-Line- Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • Line has been established for 6 months
    • Paid first bill and current bill with balance

You can initiate your own Add-A-Line order in Member Services on the main account page.