Out of warranty service

If your CREDO Mobile device is no longer under warranty, you may be eligible for out-of-warranty service.

If you are an iPhone user, please contact us directly for warranty and replacement information.

Depending upon the condition of your device, you’ll be charged for the associated service or replacement fees listed in the pricing chart below.  Please use the pricing chart below as a reference for costs associated with our out-of-warranty device service:

Phone Model Out-of-warranty Service Unrepairable Device Cost

Smartphone (excluding iPhone®*)


Retail price

Basic/ feature phone


Retail price

*For more info on protecting your iPhone see our AppleCare article.

You will need to contact CREDO Mobile to send us your original device. When we receive your original device, we'll inspect it to evaluate the damage or defect. If your out-of-warranty device is not repairable, CREDO Mobile will charge you the full cost of the device replacement and send you a new device.

Keep in mind that whenever possible, we will attempt to provide you with the same exact device as a replacement, though you may receive a comparable device. You will keep the replacement phone that you are sent, but you will not get your original phone back.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can cover your device in the event it becomes accidentally damaged, you might be interested in learning about our mobile protection plan.