2-year contract

As of September 18th, 2018, CREDO Mobile no longer offers new 2-year contracts. CREDO now offers the convenience of a device payment plan, which provides members with the freedom to select a brand new smartphone of your choice and pay for that device over time. With the device payment plan, you get both savings and flexibility. Receive a discounted rate on your unlimited talk and text that persists even after you pay off your phone and without a contract, there are no steep termination fees. Payoff your phone any time and upgrade as early as 18 months.

CREDO Mobile members who previously opted for a 2-year contract received a discounted phone of their choice at the beginning of the contract period. At the end of their 2-year period, the member will have the option to upgrade with our device payment plan.

Keep in mind:

  • At any point in the contract period, the member may purchase and activate a new phone at full retail price.

  • At the end of the 2-year contract the member will have the option to continue on a month to month plan, or sign up for a device payment plan.

Early termination fees will apply if the member decides to end the 2-year contract early. Please refer to the fees chart in this article for further details.