Reading line items

Your CREDO mobile monthly bill is broken down into distinct sections. Each section is filled with information pertinent to your account and mobile service usage. Below is a breakdown of all the information featured within the sections of your PDF bill. 

Mobile Bill Summary

The Mobile Bill Summary in Member Services will provide the overview and balance of all charges for mobile services, taxes, fees and other applicable charges such as device costs, insurance and shipping. Keep in mind that when you may a payment, your payment will not adjust the information represented on your current bill.



Any recent payments made will display here once they have posted to your account.

Previous balance

This is a capture of your balance on your previous bill.

Balance forward

If your previous bill was not paid in full, any balance will be carried over to the next billing cycle.

Monthly mobile fee

This portion of your bill includes fees associated with your plan, such as data and talk and text, in addition to any discounts and/or insurance fees.

Account charges & credits

Other charges include monthly device installment charges, other equipment and accessories, shipping charges, account credits  and associated taxes.

Taxes & other charges

Federal, state and local taxes and surcharges will be listed here. These charges are based on the home address listed on the account.

Due date

This is the due date for your current bill.

Please note: Occasionally, discounts and or reimbursements might appear in sections other than the main line item. We recommend you review the full bill prior to assuming it was not applied.

Summary by Line

The summary by line portion of your bill will give you quick insight into the way your minutes and data were utilized for the billing cycle. This section may also list any associated device payments. 


Usage detail

The usage detail portion of your bill will allow you to locate specific calls for the billing cycle. For specific text and data details, please call Customer Service for additional information.