Bring your own device

Have a phone you already love to use? CREDO Mobile is excited to now provide a Bring Your Own Device program! 

Bring Your Own Device Requirements 

  • Brand new members and new lines of service must bring an iPhone 6 or newer to BYOD successfully. Use this portal to check if your device is eligible.
  • Your device must be unlocked prior to being able to bring it to the CREDO network.
  • Current CREDO members who would like to participate in BYOD should contact our support team

Currently we are accepting iPhone 6 models and newer for our BYOD program. We may expand our BYOD offerings at a later date. CREDO Mobile offers a wide range of devices to accommodate diverse member needs.  To review the devices that we currently offer our members check out our Phones page

If you have previously purchased a phone through CREDO Mobile that you would like to reactivate, please contact our support team to help you get set up.