Getting started with your Cymbal

We’re excited to help you get set up on your new phone quickly and smoothly. Below we’ve provided an overview of all the components you’ll need, how to insert your SIM card and finally, how to activate your device.  

What You Need

When you receive your new Cymbal in the mail, please gather the following from the box to get started:


  1. Your welcome packet labeled Get started with CREDO Mobile. The packet contains the SIM card that you’ll insert into the back of your phone.
  2. The battery pack
  3. Your new Cymbal phone


Inserting your SIM

Once you’ve gathered everything, open up your welcome packet and remove the large SIM card from the center. There are three different sized SIM cards that you can pop out of the main card. For the Cymbal, you want to select the middle size, also known as the Micro SIM. Once you’ve identified the outline of the middle SIM, pop that out of the card. 


Popping the right size out can be tricky and you may accidentally pop out the smallest size. If this happens you can simply pop it back in place.

Once you have the appropriate SIM card popped out, you will need to insert it into the back of the phone. To get started, find the small notch on the bottom-right side of your phone (when you are looking at the front).

Using the notch, you remove the back of the phone simply by pulling it loose:

After removing the back of the device, find the metal SIM slot inside the back of your phone. You will insert the SIM card gold side down, with the notched corner first and facing the center of your device.

To insert the SIM card, push it down and forward into the slot. Once it’s securely in, locate the battery. Align the gold edge (marked by a + and - on the battery) with the gold prongs directly above the SIM slot.

To finish, place the back of the phone back on to the device by pushing down firmly around all edges. You’re now ready to activate your phone.


Activating your Cymbal

Prior to starting the activation process,keep in mind that if you are a new CREDO member and keeping your phone number, you need the account number from your current provider, as well as your PIN/Password. We highly recommend you reach out to your current provider to validate this information prior to beginning activation, as this will ensure the smoothest transition.

To begin the activation process, please visit and check out this helpful video on activation. Once there, simply follow the instructions on the screen. As we have already inserted our SIM card, you can ignore those prompts. Once you see that the activation has successfully completed, you can turn on your phone and place your first test call.

If you encounter any issues, you can check out this article to troubleshoot, or contact our dedicated agents who are standing by to assist you. Feel free to reach out at 800-411-0848.