Activating Android BYOD phones

If you have brought an Android phone to CREDO as part of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, you need to confirm that the phone is unlocked by your previous carrier before activating with CREDO. CREDO cannot unlock phones from other networks. If you initiate an activation with CREDO and your phone is locked, your phone may not work with either carrier.

If you’ve already received your CREDO SIM card, please follow these steps before you activate:

  1. First insert the SIM card into the phone.
  2. Make sure the phone is on.
  3. If you see an error message on your phone after inserting the SIM, the phone may be locked with your previous carrier and can’t be activated yet.
  4. Once your device is confirmed to be unlocked, you can continue the activation process.

If you continue to run into activation issues, please contact us directly for additional support.