Network Upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions:

Why is CREDO asking you to upgrade your network?

CREDO Mobile is in process of retiring one of its networks. To prepare for this we will be moving all CREDO members to our newest network - the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE and most advanced 5G nationwide network over the next few months.1

Why do I want to upgrade my network?
The goal of this change is to provide you with better voice, text, and data service.2
Does it cost anything for me to upgrade my network?
Nope! Switching to the new network will not have any impact on your current billing.3

If you believe your bill has changed in error after a network upgrade, click here, enter your phone number, and an agent will check your account and respond to help.  You can also dial 888-618-0601 for expert phone assistance.
Do I have to renew my contract to upgrade my network?
We are offering this upgrade as a way to improve your CREDO coverage and experience without any obligation. No new contract is required to switch to the new network. We are offering this upgrade as a way to improve your CREDO coverage and experience without any obligation. No new contract is required to switch to the new network.
Is my device compatible with the new network?
In order to upgrade to the new network, you must have a compatible device. A majority of our devices are supported. If your current device is not compatible you will need to upgrade to a new device in order to move to the new network. Please consult this article to determine if your current device is supported.
When can I upgrade my network?
CREDO will invite customers to upgrade in groups. When you are eligible, you will receive an email invitation with a link to upgrade.  You will also see a Network Upgrade link on your member services homepage.
How do I get started?
When you are eligible, you will receive an email invitation with a link to start the self-service upgrade process by ordering a new SIM card*.   You can find complete instructions in our Network Upgrade Step-By-Step Guide.  Please visit that page to learn all about the process!

*What is a SIM card? A SIM card is a small data card that was inserted into your phone during your last activation. The SIM card pairs your device with your mobile phone number, account, and the network you have.
How do I activate my new SIM?
Before beginning the activation process, make sure you have received your new SIM and you have around 45 minutes free to complete the process.

You should decide if you want to keep any existing voicemail messages. Your voicemail is replaced in the upgrade so existing messages will be lost. To see recommended methods to save voicemails, click here.

To activate your SIM, visit and follow the outlined steps. You will need to provide your phone number and billing ZIP code to get started.
I received multiple SIM cards, do I need to worry about which one I put in each phone?
No! You will see a list of all available SIM cards when you start the activation process, and it doesn’t matter which you select. Just make sure the SIM you select here is the SIM you put in the phone during activation.
I installed my new SIM card…how do I know it’s working?
If you didn't get a chance to power down your phone after the activation completed, please turn if off and follow the steps to test your phone on the new network outlined here. 
I installed my new SIM card and now my phone isn’t working. Now what?
Don’t worry, it’s common for some devices to take a minute to register the new SIM and it may require restarting your device.  Click here for troubleshooting steps.
I upgraded my phone(s) and I have extra, unused SIM cards. What should I do with these?
Make extra certain that you've completed your upgrade for all lines on your account. Then you can dispose of these SIMs in the most earth friendly way possible - by recycling the cardboard and even the card itself if your local recycling service will allow it. Or, you can keep it on hand in case you decide to add another line to your account with a device you already have!
Data usage totals in my device look wrong after the upgrade, what happened?
Data usage information displayed in your phone’s device settings is at the network level. Our network upgrade changes your underlying network, which causes the data usage total to reset and represent a partial month as soon as the move to the new network completes. It will represent a full month the month after the change.
I have questions, how can I reach you?
Our highly trained network upgrade specialists are available via phone or email Monday to Friday from 9am-7pm pacific time.
  • Phone: 1-888-618-0601
  • Email:
If you need immediate help outside of these hours, please call our customer service team at 1-800-411-0848.


1 In LTE coverage areas, you can expect download speeds up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds up to 2 Mbps. Video resolution is set at 480p. Unlimited Data used in excess of 20GB per line in any monthly billing cycle may be reduced in speed to 128kbps. Service may not be available in all places.
2 Improved coverage is expected but not guaranteed.
3 Your bill could change if you purchase a new device or make a change to a product or service on your account.