Questions about upgrading your network?

Here’s everything you need to know

Why is CREDO offering to upgrade my network?

Beginning in March 2021, CREDO Mobile will start retiring one of it’s networks, “Network B”. Therefore, we are moving all CREDO members to our newest network, Network A - the nation’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE and most advanced 5G nationwide network - by January 31st, 2022.

CREDO will invite customers in groups. If your device is network eligible, you will receive a special email invitation with a link to upgrade.

Just follow the simple instructions in your invitation to complete the process and start enjoying better voice, text and data service now1. And the best part? Upgrading your network is absolutely free!

How do I get started?

If your device is eligible, you will receive an email invitation with a link to start the self service upgrade process by ordering a new SIM card. Also, you can visit our Network Upgrade DIY page for complete instructions. 

What if my device is not eligible?

For now, you can continue to use your device on Network B. However, you will need to upgrade your device before January 31st, 2022 as it will no longer work on that date when Network B is retired.

The good news is we are always offering deals on the coolest, newest devices to make upgrading as easy and affordable as possible.

We will be posting more information about new device and network upgrade eligibility on this page in the coming weeks.

Do I need to back anything up before activating my new SIM?

While we have worked hard to make this switch a seamless transition, it’s essential to backup your content in the event you need to recover contact information, text messages, passwords, pictures, and applications during the transfer. Do keep in mind, any voicemails you have saved will NOT be transferred over and should be saved using a third party application.

Please be aware that any Wi-Fi passwords will be deleted during this process and have to be reentered. Please be sure to take note of any Wi-Fi passwords you may need before starting the process.

For resources on backing everything up, see below.

  • For steps on voicemail backup - Apple devices.
  • For steps on voicemail backup - Android devices.
  • For steps on backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, please visit Apple Support.
  • For steps on backing up your Samsung device, visit Samsung Support.
  • For steps on backing up your Google device, please visit Google Support.
  • If your device manufacturer is not listed here, do a browser search like ‘back up my [Insert your device name here]' to find the info you need.

How do I activate my new SIM?

To activate your SIM, visit and follow the outlined steps. You will need to provide your phone number and billing ZIP code to get started.

I installed my new SIM card…how do I know it’s working?

Follow these steps to test your phone on the new network.

  1. Turn your phone on and follow any on-screen prompts to complete activation

  2. Test your voice service by calling a friend OR this test number: 888-281-2461

  3. Test messaging by texting a friend or family member

  4. And finally, test data by navigating to a webpage in the mobile browser you normally use

I installed my new SIM card and now my phone isn’t working. Now what?

Click HERE to troubleshoot your issue.

  • If your phone still isn’t working, please reach out to our technical support at 888-618-0601 for further assistance.
  • If you do not have access to another phone, reach an agent via email by clicking here, adding your phone number in the email, then sending.

Does it cost to upgrade your network?

Nope! It costs you nothing extra to move to our new network.

Do I have to renew my contract to upgrade my network?

The new network is offered as a way to improve your CREDO coverage and experience. No contract renewal is required to switch to the new network.

Will my bill change if I switch? 

The new network is offered as a way to improve your CREDO coverage and experience. Switching to the new network will not have any impact on your current billing2.

If you believe your bill has changed in error after a network upgrade, click here, enter your phone number, and an agent will check your account and respond to help.

You can also dial 888-618-0601 and an agent will help you by phone.


1 Improved coverage is expected but not guaranteed. Rates do not include taxes or surcharges. Unlimited Data used in excess of 20GB per line in any monthly billing cycle is reduced in speed to 128kbps.
2 Your bill could change if you purchase a new device or make a change to a product or service on your account.