Step 4: Wrapping Up

Congratulations!   Now that your phone is activated, your device will now recognize and use the new network! Thank you very much for your Membership and partnership with us through this process!

Since your device is now on the new network, your outgoing voicemail greeting will need to be rerecorded.  Here are the instructions to record your new Voicemail Greeting. 

The new network is offered as a way to improve your CREDO coverage and experience.1 As a benefit of purchasing a new phone, you will enjoy all the perks of upgrading to the new network at no additional cost.2 If you believe your bill has changed in error after a network upgrade, click here, enter your phone number, and an agent will check your account and respond to help.  You can also dial 888-618-0601 for expert phone assistance.

Thank you for being the best part of CREDO Mobile, and we could not have the impact we have without your voice and membership.   We hope you love the upgraded network, and if you have any questions please use our Frequently Asked Questions section.   Also, if needed, please contact our Network Upgrade Specialists at 1-888-618-0601 for additional assistance.

Thank you again!


1 Improved coverage is expected but not guaranteed. 
2 Your bill could change if you purchase a new device or make a change to a product or service on your account.