Charging Devices with a USB-C Cable

Apple and Samsung devices are shipped with the newer USB-C charging cables and do NOT include the standard power adapter, part of an effort to reduce their environmental footprint. The USB-C charging cables offer faster, efficient charging for today’s smartphones. 

How to charge your new iPhone without a USB-C power adapter:

How to charge your new Samsung without a USB-C power adapter:

iPhone SE (2nd generation) and newer iPhones will ship with the Lightning to USB-C cable but without the USB-C power adapter 

Some Samsung users may have to purchase the power adapter through a retail/online store

  • CREDO does not offer this accessory

Members can continue use of their older lighting cable AND power adaptor 

  • The old iPhone adapter will NOT work with the USB-C cable 

Members can also purchase a USB-C adapter online

The USB-C cable can be used to plug their iPhone into a Mac computer or laptop

  • Members can go to any Apple store or online retailer to purchase a USB-C adapter

Members can purchase accessories (USB-C adaptor or ear pods) when ordering the Apple iPhone Light Version Model Phones directly from CREDO (subject to availability).