Cancelling Service for a Deceased Account Holder

We understand that the death of a family member is a very difficult time for the family, so at CREDO we try to make the process for handling a deceased members account easy.  CREDO requires a death certificate be provided for the account holder.  The death certificate can be emailed to  In the subject line include the deceased members name and CREDO Account number that the request is for. 

3 Weeks from the date of notification will be provided for the family to choose if they would like to:

  • Close the account or port out to another carrier (this will disconnect all lines)
  • Change ownership on account instead of closing
    • Changing ownership will create a new account
    • We do not replace names on accounts
    • We do not change email or addresses on a deceased members account unless the person requesting this change can provide evidence showing they have Power of Attorney or proof they are the executor of the deceased member