Bank Bill Payer Account Information

Today, CREDO Mobile and CREDO Long Distance are two separate entities with different banks.  CREDO Mobile will no longer be able to accept payments sent through CREDO Long Distance bill pay account.

We want to ensure that our members can pay their CREDO Mobile bills on time each month and ensure your payments are not rejected due to being sent to the wrong bill pay account.

Please update the payee in your bank’s online payment portal, when selecting the payee, be sure to select CREDO Mobile or add CREDO Mobile manually and utilize the below address information to ensure your payment gets to the right place!

Biller account name: Credomobile or CREDO Mobile (we recommend using Credomobile)

Biller Address: PO Box 6512, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6512

Each financial institution is different.  To provide some examples to our members on what they may see when setting up paying your CREDO Mobile bill through your financial institution, we have gathered some examples of what you may encounter.


Example financial institution displays to assist you:

Picture1.png    Picture2.png    Picture3.png    Picture5.png

Options to add a payee manually:

Picture4.png    Picture6.png