Your mobile phone number

You have two different options when it comes to telephone numbers for your device.  You can transfer (port) your number in from your current carrier or you can get a new phone number.

Transferring (Porting) Your Number To CREDO

Porting in is when you bring your number from another network to the CREDO network. When you begin the process of transferring your number to CREDO Mobile, it’s important that you have all your account-related information beforehand to ensure a smooth activation.

CREDO Mobile uses the account related information gathered for the number transfer process (moving your phone number to CREDO). Your previous carrier uses information similar to a username/password to confirm the account holders request to transfer (release) the number to CREDO.

Information you’ll need:

  • Your current phone number
  • The billing address as it displays on the previous carriers account
  • The full name as it displays on the previous carriers account
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Some carriers require a special ‘port-out’ PIN

Important Note: Please keep in mind that you should not cancel your previous account before you are ready to transfer your number and switch to CREDO Mobile as cancelling service could cause you to lose your number. 

In addition to the list above above, use the chart below to determine what additional information you’ll need in order to transfer your number.


Information Needed

  • Account number: The format is 000000000-00000, enter the number in CREDOs form without the dash.
  • This can be found in your online account by going to My Verizon > Account > Account Overview - account number listed at top
  • PIN (6 digits, more information available here)
Verizon prepaid
  • Account number: The account number is your phone number with Verizon. When you enter your account number, it should begin with a capital 'A' then the phone number
  • PIN (4 digits, more information available here)
  • Account number: 9 or 12 digit Account number (older accounts have 9 digits)
  • 4-6 digit PIN needed
  • Account number: A 9 digit number which can be found at the top center of your bill and on your online account page
  • PIN (6-10 digits): This is the same as the call-in passcode when you call Sprint customer service.
  • Account number: Located in the upper-right hand corner of your bill or in your account page. 
  • PIN (can be obtained by calling T-Mobile): This is the same as the call-in passcode when you call T-Mobile Customer service. 
T-Mobile prepaid
  • Account number (this is your 10 digit phone number with “1” in front)
  • PIN (4 digits): To set a PIN, dial 611, say "no" to refill, choose "manage my account", choose "change my account PIN", then set your 4-digit PIN
Metro PCS
  • Account number: 9 digit account number can be found on your online Metro PCS profile
  • PIN (typically your 8-digit birthdate)
US Cellular
  • Account number: Located in your online account or by calling US Cellular customer service
  • PIN (4 digits): The last four digits of your SSN and if not sure contact US Cellular customer service
Consumer Cellular
  • 9 digit Account Number – Located on the Bill, online account or by calling Consumer Cellular customer service
  • PIN - No passcode, use 0000 if required
  • Account Number – Can be found online or by contacting Cricket customer service
  • PIN – is the AID or Authorization ID – Can be obtained by contacting Cricket customer service
Straight Talk
  • Account Number – ICCID (SIM Card #) – Can be located in the phone settings menu
  • PIN – last 4 digits of the phone number or contact Straight talk customer service to obtain
TracFone/Net10/Airvoice Wireless
  • Account Number – This is the Phones MEID/IMEI – Can be located in the phone settings menu
  • PIN – last 4 digits of the phone number or contact customer service to obtain

If you do not have the necessary information on hand, call your previous carrier’s customer service line and they will provide you with what you need.

Activating Your Phone

You can self-activate your phone as soon as you receive them in the mail to prevent activation issue.  A port in or a new number order can be initiated or activated by using our online self-activation tool. 

To port your number, please have your current carrier information (see above chart) prior to activating.  Some carriers require a special ‘port-out’ PIN, if you are unsure, contact your current carrier to confirm to ensure you have the correct PIN and the port over to CREDO will work.




Activations will usually take 15-60 minutes to complete. Once the activation completes - you will now see the phone is "Activated"

If a port error occurs during the process of self-activation, and indicates an incorrect PIN/Account, you will need to contact us for support to ensure the phone is properly activated.  See our article on port troubleshooting for additional information. 

Important NOTE: The current carrier sim should remain in the phone and use the current cell phone service provided by the other service provider (OSP) until the porting process completes. When a port has completed the current phone with the OSP will stop getting cell service (stop working). This indicates that the phone number has transferred to CREDO.

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