Device Payment Plan

CREDO Mobile device payment plans are a great option that allow members to choose a new smartphone with no interest or early cancellation fees. Receive your phone up front, and the cost will be divided into 24 payments, which will appear on the your bill over the next two years.  

There are several benefits to choosing the device payment plan:

  • Save money on your bill:
    • Zero down for a new smartphone*

*Estimated sales tax and activation fee are paid at the time of sale

  • Enjoy flexibility with the latest smartphones:
    • No service contract or cancellation fees
    • Payoff your current phone at any time

Things to keep in mind:

  • You have the option to pay the entire remaining balance for their phone in a single payment or over the 24-month period. 
  • You may pay off the remaining cost of your phone at any time within those 24 months

Paying off Device Early

Device payment plan termination - you may terminate your device payment plan at any time, without an additional fee. However, if you have not paid your device in full, the remaining balance owed on your device will be charged on your next bill. You will need to pay your remaining balance prior to CREDO Mobile being able to unlock your phone for use with other carriers.

What Happens if my DPP device is lost, stolen or damaged?

If your DPP device is lost, stolen, or damaged there are several replacement options:

  • First, if your device has insurance, you will Contact Apple for iPhones or Likewize for Android or Basic Phones.
  • If you do not have insurance, you can pay off the DPP and then upgrade, you can use a BYOD or an old compatible CREDO phone until you become upgrade eligible or can pay off the phone.

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