International Calling Rates from Outside the US

Prior to setting up your device for use outside of the United States, be sure to note the device you have, where you will be traveling, and where you plan to call. Keep in mind that not all devices can make calls or send and receive texts while traveling internationally. CREDO Mobile does not support cellular data service while traveling abroad, though you will be able to obtain a local SIM card if you will need access to data while traveling.

Looking for information on making an international call from within the United States? Refer to the International Calling Rates from Inside the US article.

Device compatibility

Not all devices are eligible for international use, and some are not compatible for use with a local SIM card. Be sure to check which services your device is capable of prior to your time abroad.

Compatible for international voice & text useNot compatible for international voice & text use

    • All iPhone models
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer
    • Motorola Moto X and newer
    • Google Pixel 3 and newer devices
    • Google Nexus 5 and newer
    • LG G Flex and newer
    • ZTE Cymbal
    • NUU F4L

    • Any other devices 

Service availability and rates while outside the United States

Use the below PDF to check the service availability and rates for your device.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Voice and texting services may be limited. International coverage isn't guaranteed, and you may not be able to call internationally from all locations
  • All incoming and outgoing calls will be charged the CREDO voice rate per minute as listed in the PDF
  • Minutes will not be deducted from your monthly plan(s). You will be billed separately for calls made or received while abroad
  • CREDO Mobile reserves the right to block your international usage.

Sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages internationally 

Text messages sent and received outside the United States are $0.25 per message.

What about Wi-Fi Calling?

  • Ability to call or message from almost anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available
  • Ability to utilize the internet and apps while on an active Wi-Fi call
  • Important NOTE: International calling rates still apply when using Wi-Fi calling 

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