Hearing aid compatibility

As a mobile phone company committed to inclusivity, we prioritize providing hearing aid compatible devices to ensure that all our customers can stay connected seamlessly. We understand the importance of accessibility in today's digital age, which is why we offer a range of smartphones that are compatible with various hearing aid technologies. Whether it's through direct audio streaming or telecoil support, our devices are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with hearing impairments, facilitating clearer communication and enhancing overall user experience.

The 2019 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard for hearing aid compatibility refers to a set of technical criteria used to assess the compatibility of mobile devices with hearing aids. This standard establishes requirements for reducing interference and maximizing clarity when using hearing aids with mobile phones. Specifically, it outlines parameters for both acoustic coupling (using the device's microphone) and inductive coupling (utilizing the device's telecoil). Devices that meet the 2019 ANSI standard are designated as "hearing aid-compatible." The standard ensures that individuals with hearing aids have access to mobile devices that facilitate effective communication without experiencing significant interference or usability issues.

This standard utilize an M/T rating system, where the "M" rating pertains to reducing interference with hearing aids operating in acoustic mode, ranging from M1 to M4, with M4 indicating the highest level of compatibility. The "T" rating assesses their compatibility with hearing aids containing a telecoil, operating in inductive coupling mode, rated from T1 to T4, with T4 being the most compatible.


DeviceModelFCC IDHAC Rating
Apple® iPhone® 15A2846BCG-E8427AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 15 PlusA2847BCG-E8431AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 15 ProA2848BCG-E8435AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 15 Pro MaxA2849BCG-E8439AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 14A2649BCG-E8138AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 14 PlusA2632BCG-E8139AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 14 ProA2650BCG-E8140AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 14 Pro MaxA2651BCG-E8141AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13A2482BCG-E3997AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 miniA2481BCG-E3994AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 ProA2483BCG-E4000AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 13 Pro MaxA2484BCG-E4003AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12A2172BCG-E3542AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 miniA2176BCG-E3539AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 ProA2341BCG-E3545AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 12 Pro MaxA2342BCG-E3548AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® SEA2275n/aM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11A2111BCG-E3309AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11 ProA2160BCG-E3305AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® 11 Pro MaxA2161BCG-E3306AM3/T4
Apple® iPhone® SE (3rd Generation)A2595BCG-E4082AM3/T4
Google Pixel 8 ProG1MNWA4RG1MNWM3/T4
Google Pixel 8G9BQDA4RG9BQDM3/T4
Google Pixel 7 ProGE2AEA4RGE2AEM3/T4
Google Pixel 7GVU6CA4RGVU6CM3/T4
Google Pixel 7aGWKK3A4RGWKK3M3/T4
Google Pixel 6 Pro 5GG8V0UA4RG8V0UM3/T3
Google Pixel 6 5GGB7N6A4RGB7N6M3/T3
Google Pixel 6aGX7ASA4RGX7ASM3/T4
Samsung Galaxy A54 5GSM-A54UA3LSMA546UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S24+SM-S926UA3LSMS926UThis handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 9dB (with hearing aid) and 11dB (without hearing aid).
Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraSM-S928UA3LSMS928UThis handset is hearing aid-compatible, conversational Gain of 18dB (with hearing aid) and 21dB (without hearing aid).
Samsung Galaxy S23SM-911UA3LSMS911UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 PlusSM-916UA3LSM916UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraSM-918UA3LSM918UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S23 FESM-711UA3LSMS711UM3/T2
Samsung Galaxy S22SMS-901UA3LSMS901UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S22+SM-S906UA3LSMS906UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraSMS-908UA3LSMS908UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 5GSM-G991UA3LSMG991UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5GSM-G998UA3LSMG998UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GSM-G996UA3LSMG996UM3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 FESM-G990UA3LSMG990UM3/T3

Last Updated: January 31, 2024

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